Demonstration Projects (field attire recommended)

Treatment CollageOn Tuesday morning, conference delegates will be treated to an array of demonstrations showcasing various pavement preservation techniques used across the country.  This is a unique opportunity to see many different pavement preservation applications placed side by side in a traffic free, secure location that is just a short distance from the hotel.  Buses are available to transport attendees between the conference hotel and the demonstration site.

Download and view the layout of the demonstration site here.

Download and view the demonstration brochure here.

Live placement demonstrations will feature:

  • Scrub Seal
  • Micro-Surfacing
  • Cape Seal
  • Chip Seal using CRS-2P Emulsion
  • FiberMat®
  • Reclamite® Rejuvenator
  • Skidabrader® Re-texturizing

Other treatments for asphalt pavements will also be shown, including:

  • Fog Seal
  • Rout & Crack Seal

Featured pavement preservation repairs for rigid pavements will be shown, including:

  • Conventional Diamond Grinding
  • Longitudinal Grooving
  • Conventional Diamond Grinding and Longitudinal Grooving
  • Next Generation Concrete Surface (Noise Reduction Surface)
  • Dowel Bar Retrofit
  • Cross Stitching of a Longitudinal Joint
  • Random Crack Saw and Seal
  • Milling preparation for a Partial Depth Patch
  • Joint Sealing using 3 sealants:
    • Hot Poured Asphalt Rubber
    • Silicone
    • Neoprene

The demonstrations afford delegates an opportunity to gain knowledge about many treatments in the preservation toolbox and have their questions answered by experts.

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